Growth in Market Capitalisation 

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By Rawle Lucas  

Five stocks in the Lucas Stock Index (LSI) traded this first week of July 2021 with two of them registering gains and three recording no gain. The stock price of DBL rose 50 percent and pushed the capitalisation of the company to G$67.5 billion and the stock into the mid-cap category. DDL, on the other hand, registered a marginal gain that increased its market capitalisation to G$94.157 billion.  

These two stocks enabled the index to grow 5.187 percent, its largest weekly growth for the year. The market capitalisation of the nine stocks in the LSI stood at G$457,777 billion at the close of trading this week. The active and inactive stocks of the manufacturing companies account for G$179.350 billion or 39 percent of the market cap while the active and inactive stocks of the banks account for G$248.592 billion or 54 percent of the market value. 

Stocks in the index are now being classified by the size of their market capitalisation and are displayed in tabular form below. With DBL migrating to the mid-cap category, more than 50 percent of the value of the LSI now lies in the mid-cap range. 


Tax Advantage of Stock Trades 

Stock trades this week continued to advance the tax benefits of investors who sold stocks. The stocks of the five companies that were traded in the first week of July have resulted in an additional estimated G$4.39 million in tax savings. DBL and RBL accounted for nearly 88 percent of the stocks traded this week. Sellers of bank stocks would have enjoyed 90 percent of this week’s tax savings. DBL stocks gained 67 percent of the savings while RBL stocks gained 23 percent. The sellers of the usually prolific DIH stocks would have gained a mere three percent of the tax benefits. With 27 weeks of trading gone, the tax gains for investors have amounted to an estimated G$254.801 million.

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