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Dear Editor

I learnt with great sadness of the passing of my brother, comrade in arms, loyalist and patriot par excellence Vincent Britton.

I remember Vincent’s activism in the youth movement of the People’s National Congress and the Party and country generally.

Vincent after he migrated to the United States continued working and promoting the well- being of the party particularly in the New York area and at no time did his enthusiasm and sacrifice for the cause diminished.


In the challenging days, before Independence and after when the Party had to face the onslaught of evil forces, Vincent never shirked or failed to be in the forefront of the struggle.

I remember his condour and pleasing personality at all times and even when dark clouds bloomed, his wit and optimism brought a level of comfort to one and all.

For whatever reason, Vincent passed away without gaining the recognition and monetary reward, he so richly deserved – thanks to our bureaucracy, but such are the vagaries and sometimes injustices of human kind.

When he journeyed to Guyana two years ago to celebrate his 80th birthday at a birthday party held at the homes of his brother Eze Rockliffe, we reminisced and expressed a hope that justice will come his way.

As we note the passing of this stalwart, let us pray that the Creator will develop among the young political activists, his inner strength, fearlessness and his ability to overcome all odds and who can forget that even when he faced certain health issues, that disarming smile was ever present.

The Party in New York and Guyana has lost a good man, a great soldier, a man of indomitable will and steadfastness

Hamilton Green

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