Laboratory analysis of the Sputnik V mandated 

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Likely, I was south of 8yrs on this Christmas Day for which gift was a Casio watch. And excitable, I queried of my mom, which hand? Astutely, her response was left, before awaiting the inevitable question. And sure it was, why? Then bemusedly she responded, because everyone does. So on my right it went. The birth of a nonconformist.

Then a year later, my mom painfully died at age 31yrs. And her cause of death was butchery by GPHC doctors. The birth of a medical outsider.


Decades thereafter, before our very eyes, time went and medicine evolved. For many needeth no reminder of the pandemic without face-mask. And many among us did Lysol wash groceries as shoppers were warned of a “no touch policy.” Nonetheless, informed by science, that all changed.


But with reflections now in reverse, twenty years antecedent, we appraise that then fresh-faced nonconforming doctor. For instruction was that patients with pneumonia must be prescribed decreed antibiotics. But the nonconformist, rather than do as instructed, did question why. And those more experienced, and likely conformist, did look him in the eye and said “because the consultant said so.”  But the nonconformist inquisition piqued the mercury, craving that scientific underpinning.

But his persona they disliked, evident with the then Political Medical Council setting to abort what they didn’t conceive-his medical career. Undeniably, their attempt to deny him registration was underpinned by politics and not practice. For he came, he saw and he ventilated concerns about the politicisation and discrimination at GPHC, which lacerated their eyes and bled their ears.

Medical outsider 

Whither the UK he settled, ultra-nonconformist by then, whence his “WHYs” were illuminated. For the land of slavery was unshackled from slavishly following consultants, rather science. And the rationale is, the consultants guide based on experiences, which are anecdotal and potentially selection biased. In contrast, science is informed by research, across many centres of many countries. Evidence Based Medicine(EBM), the nomenclature.

Guyana Masquerading Council

But as that then 9yr old child viewed his mother in that coffin, painful questions were his;

  1. Why?
  2. Why?
  3. Why my mother?

But no answers were his for poverty he held. And with questions unanswered, his distrust of doctors and the Medical Council, found fertile ground.

But those childhood emotions pale in comparison to today’s. For the today’s Medical Council aren’t only masqueraders but demonstrably have staggering disregard for human-life. And this is no more evident than with their loud silence with our spiralling Covid deaths and hospitalisations. For with untrained hands they also masquerade, taking rather than giving life. But notwithstanding their shortcomings, I must speak to their recent commentary.

For it appears, the masqueraders were in a narcoleptic induced somnolent state, consequence of which critical aspects of PPP Covid mismanagement, were missed. But as they slept, PPP warnings of spiralling deaths were brainlessly dismissed as increase testing related. Nonetheless, deaths continued to spiral, despite vaccination. March registered a record 36. April a record 66. May a record 96. But as the bodies piled up, the masqueraders audibly snored. Even with the concerning positive correlation between vaccinations and deaths, they remained in dreamland. Then PPP vaccinated with unapproved vaccines but not an eye was blinked. Pushing the redline, PPP vaccinated with experimental vaccines, but the masqueraders covered their ears with pillows.

But story broke of PPP purchasing Sputnik-V from a middleman for which, APNU+AFC rightly upped the thermostat. And unable to discredit the source, PPP glued the parliament for an indefinite period, to “focus on Covid.” Then after three months, a muscular APNU+AFC, forced the doors opened and within two hours of grilling “mouth open and Sputnik-V jumped out.” Surely, PPP were in a life-defining parliamentary kerfuffle, for which the masqueraders awoke, found the exit of their resident rock and launch a Rambo rescue. And a comical rescue it was, for being of the anencephalic genre, they inevitably conflated the issues. And perennially burdened by clouded judgement, pen approximated paper, endorsing Sputnik-V as vaccine par excellence, based on data they saw and WHO awaits. Steadfast, in the PPP lane, they boast of their ability to interpret data, although our Covid deaths, hospitalisations and vaccination data, weren’t worthy of their attention. Then with PPP Presiding Officers’ pens, they inscribed critical appraising skills, on their fabricated CVs. But completely missing their political eyes is their lack of credibility. For the little they had was obliterated with their loud silence on matters of spirally Covid hospitalisations and deaths. And in negative credibility, they confabulated their medical credentials.


For it is known universally that medicines shouldn’t be purchased from unlicensed middleman. And the rationale is, the unknown maybe ingested or injected. In fact, multitudes have died from liver and kidney failure.

But Sputnik V must be stored at -20 degrees Celsius, for which licensed storage bonds are mandated to mitigate poor storage related ineffectiveness or toxic degeneration. Indeed, such storage a middleman maybe deprived.

Further, Covid has caused high demands for vaccines. But with massive shortfalls the medicine falsifying industries surged. And the aforementioned are the dangers of PPP purchasing Sputnik V from a middleman. Were they adequately stored? Are they authentic?

But Dr. Anthony’s Russian correspondence hasn’t answered those consequential questions. Were the vaccines appropriately stored by middleman? Why was PPP referred to the UAE by the Russians to pay twice the recommended price?

Furthermore, the correspondence emphasis was on batch numbers as if they were beyond reproach. The fact is, such can and have been falsified. Therefore, authentication of these vaccines is only with laboratory analysis. Indeed, the vaccine falsifying underworld is in overdrive for the WHO has recently reported that with the pandemic, demands for falsification have increased by 400%. And of concern, 10% of the Covid vaccines in circulation, are falsified.

  • For the WHO discovered falsified Pfizer BNT162b2 vaccines with falsified batch number and expiry dates, in Mexico and Poland. The only distinctive feature were the vials. Laboratory analysis confirmed falsification.
  • China seized over 3000 falsified Covid vaccines.
  • Mexico seized falsified Sputnik-V that was destined for Honduras.
  • South Africa seized 2,400 doses of falsified Pfizer.

For PPP is dismissing Covid vaccine falsification as fake news, at our peril.


But now clutching onto straws for their failed Covid policy, PPP are belabouring that the ABC countries did vaccinate before WHO approval. Certainly this must be addressed, with the rational starting point in deconstruction, is establishing the “spirit of WHO advisory.” Surely, this is to establish medicines safety and efficacy.

Now, examination of the ABC countries’ medicine approval processes. We need not, for undoubtedly they are world-class, involving the creme de la creme of the medical world, who undertake research to establish world gold-standards.

And our medicine approval process? Cheese to chalk. Political. Certainly, WHO approval is for third world countries like us, that are without the expertise to undertake international standard medicine approval.

Mitigating medicine falsification 

Covid vaccines falsification is a credible threat to life, limb and livelihood. It shouldn’t be dismissed for the consequences are dire. And for those reasons, the questionable Sputnik-V vaccines must be independently laboratory analysed.

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