Craft Creations & Smiles providing ‘happiness in a box’ 

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Owner of CraftCreations & Smiless, Renuka Tewari

By Gabriella Chapman

Craft Creations & Smiles is a small business created by a 22-year-old medical student, Renuka Tewari who is a lover of making people happy.

Her business caters to the budget of all, providing the best customised gift boxes for your friends and loved ones on special ocassions.

In an interview with Village Voice News, Tewari said she grew up around very busy and driven relatives who always displayed independence. This, she said, is the reason she is always striving to be her own boss.

Some gift boxes available for upcoming Father’s Day.

From a young age, she was excellent at all things ‘craft’, so she decided to use her creativity to start her own business so that she can assist her parents with paying for her studies. Her unique, affordable gift items became a high demand, causing her business to thrive over the years.

Aside from making a profit to see herself through Med School, her business, she said, also allows her to do what she loves, and it helps her to fulfill her passion for making people happy.

“I love what I do and my clients are my priority- their satisfaction comes first. If I need to redo an order three times until they are pleased, I will do so. I want to provide people with cute gift ideas that they can customise and have fun with even on a low budget. A lot of times, the cuter gift ideas are pretty costly and a large portion of the population is not able to access that. Everyone deserves gifts and everyone deserves to be able to afford gifts so I hope to allow for that,” the young woman said.

Being able to make people smile or laugh has always been a driving force in everything that Tewari does.  “From my field of study to my business pursuit, they all revolve around things that make people happier, less stressed and essentially more relaxed and that’s really what I want my purpose in life to be. I also started doing short funny videos since COVID struck, in an effort to just lift the spirits of my followers. People are so amazing and there’s so much good in the world that I just want people to experience that in some way and hopefully, it allows them to not be too fixated on that bad because there is so much bad and it’s easy to be overwhelmed. So, in a nutshell, I’m just someone that wants to show people that there is sunshine after the rain, as childish as it may sound,” she explained.

Some gift boxes available for upcoming Father’s Day.

The next step for the young entrepreneur is securing a physical location for CraftCreation&Smiles to better serve and expand her customers, and mastering the balance between business, studies, life and relationship.

In her advice to other young people she said “Be sweet, be kind and be willing. You will meet a lot of terrible people but also a lot of good people. Do not let it change who you are. Be nice to everyone and always be willing to try new things. Have fun! This is an adventure that you are embarking on and I promise it will be worth it. Just enjoy every bit of it and focus on the good stuff.”

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