Why aren’t they speaking out on oil arrangement?

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Dear Editor,

Several writers and even a daily newspaper lament the refusal of the government to broach the subject of royalty and profit sharing with Exxon. That should not be surprising to anyone as the government and don’t wish to engage reporters on the subject. Is anyone bought out? The Vice President, in particular, de facto the most powerful person in the government, is very evasive of the subject of Exxon. He said categorically there would be no renegotiation.

In looking at the management of affairs of this administration, it is pellucid that the Vice President runs the government. He is the final decision maker. It appears that the Vice President has delineated separate roles for himself and the President.

In terms of economic projects, clearly, the Vice President has put himself in charge of oil and gas and other energy related projects – big monied items. The VP seems to have assigned other aspects of the economy, like infrastructure, transportation, road building, and the like, to the President. It is like the God has decided that oil, gas, and energy is for the VP and the President can try with the rest of the country.


How can Ministers of stature, repute, and respect in the likes of Anil Nandlall, Frank Anthony, Ashni Singh, Vindhya Persaud, among a few others, and regular letters writers of integrity remain silent to this de facto arrangement? Why have they lost their voice in not speaking out on the oil arrangement?

Yours truly,

Shawn Simmons

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