Photo with President Ali and Jagdeo fishing is insensitive 

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Dear Editor

The President recently posted a picture of himself and Bharrat Jagdeo midnight fishing on the Boaeraserie Creek.

Several thoughts passed through my mind. The first was, clearly in Guyana it is a case of do as I say and not as I do with this Government. They set no example. There are COVID19 regulations which are in place that Guyanese are required to obey or else they are subject to arrest and a fine. Midnight fishing on the Boaeraserie breaches a number of these regulations, including the ones relating to a curfew, the ones relating to activities at creeks and beaches and the ones requiring wearing a mask in public.

Before those who say that I am nitpicking rush to their defence to say the President and Vice President have hard jobs and should be able to relax…yes they do, but do it privately. To publish such a photograph is tone deaf and insensitive.


The ordinary working class Guyanese man and woman who labour day and day out to build this country want to relax as well. But we can’t. We have to worry about how our children will eat given the rising cost of basic food items, we have to worry about how we will keep a roof over our family’s head, we have to worry about the rising cost of gas and transportation. We have to worry about all of this while given no increase in salaries.

So forgive me if I don’t smash the like button on this one; a photograph of two men who are living high off of taxpayers monies to fund their lavish lifestyles while the ordinary Guyanese people are battling the scourge of COVID and are on the verge of starvation.


Joy Adisa

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