A letter to Mothers

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Shannae Trotz

By Shannae Trotz

Dear strong women, who were delicately created to handle the pressures of motherhood, you are the priceless creation of a creator, who were given a divine ability to procreate the earth’s entire population.

You are the backbone of our society. Even without a PhD you are our at home doctor, teacher, counsellor, preacher, confidante, friend but most importantly our parent. Even without patriarchal support, you never turned your backs on your own.

You are the true example of sacrifices. You gave us an unconditional love that we spend eternity seeking after, but there could be no replacement of a mother’s love.  You instilled values and principles into us, you also gave us a foundation so that we could make it on our own. There is no one as selfless as a good mother.


Though today we celebrate mother’s day, 24 hours is still not enough for us to show you how much we appreciate you, but let today serve as a reminder, that you are loved, appreciated, honoured and you should always be proud of being titled, a Mother.

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