Why Guyana is doing so poorly compared to the rest of the Caribbean in containing Covid-19?

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Dear editor,

I am at loss with the Quintet of Quacks for every book on psychoanalysis I’ve read, every conference I’ve attended, every DVD and electronic media I’ve watched desperately trying rationalised their line of thinking or lack thereof.

For the headline was unmissable, airlines given the green light to operate the Georgetown route with the clueless PPP making further plans to have more such airlines import more Covid variants just as the Covid graph has taken a vertical trajectory.

Then immediately below that headline is Dr. Ramsammy, who was beaming from ear to ear clearly more elated than one of the locals who have secured an American visa. And there he was, exclusive interview with Village Voice and likely ten other news outlet, informing all who have survived the Covid catastrophe thus far, that he is nitrous oxide happy with the PPP Covid vaccination programme. For continued he did, with half his foot already in his mouth, to state that we are performing better than the world’s average(numbers he manufactured) ending with him giggling like teenage lovers. And with that last utterance his entire foot was in his mouth but he continued to elevate PPP Covid vaccination programme success, like a newly baptised baby. By now he was asphyxiating with his other foot also in his mouth.


Directly below Dr. Ramsammy boast is the Covid burial ground in which 65 persons were buried in the Month of April doubling the previous record of 36 in March. Covid deaths are doubling every month and Dr. Ramsammy is happy.

Look, I must admit that I am not as scholarly as the Quintet of Quacks but this very strange conclusion seems to have overcome me. If the primary end point of vaccination is to save lives, how can Dr. Ramsammy be celebrating PPP Covid vaccination programme when deaths continue to exponentially increase? Am I missing something here? Has PPP invested in a Private Covid burial ground? How else can they be happy?Taking a more medical slant, is the clueless PPP viewing Covid vaccination as a tick box excercise, where their primary end point is to have vaccines in arms then tick a box for international donations.  If Guyanese live or die after vaccination is not their concern.

But most ironical of all is the nonsensical PPP desperate need to import more Covid variants via airlines, even as Covid deaths continue to exponentially increase. The fact is, none of these airlines care about our wellbeing rather their focus is recouping losses over the past the year. Surely, the PPP should have recognised that the optics don’t look great and as a matter of fact that should not have been their priority.

The PPP continues their policy of importing more variants by giving the green light to airlines. The maskless masses, without direction and social distancing, are looking for leadership. For the perennial question I’m being asked is, why Guyana is doing so poorly compared to the rest of the Caribbean? My answer remains the same. You can take the jackasses to the well but you can’t make them drink. I have simply had enough. I am considering using a whip.


Dr.Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. Ed FRCP(Edin)  FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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