The Walton-Desir controversy exposes the PPP/C for what they truly are

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Dear Editor

The PPP/C Leadership’s desperate attempts to paint Amanza Walton Desir as racist demonstrates that they believe that they only represent Indo-Guyanese.

This is the belief that explains why:

1. The PPP/C administration has terminated several Afro-Guyanese public servants without reason since their installation into office nine months ago.


2. The PPP/C administration continues to target and harass Afro-Guyanese businessmen, attempting to take from them legally acquired lands to hurt their businesses.

3. The PPP/C administration discriminated against Afro- Guyanese in the distribution of the COVID 19 relief, denying thousands of Afro-Guyanese families much-needed relief.

4. The PPP/C administration has still denied public servants any increases in wages and salaries even after the passage of two budgets.  But, one strike by sugar workers has given GUYSUCO another 200 million on top of the 8 billion it has received from the last two budgets.

5. The PPP/C administration continues to allow nurses in Linden to work under a CEO who has shown gross disrespect to our womenfolk. Across the nation, our frontline workers are battling to deliver healthcare with limited resources amid a pandemic.

These are just a few of the instances that highlight the way the leadership of the PPP/C thinks.  The PPP/C leadership is afraid that Guyanese of all ethnicities are beginning to see them for who they are – a party that continues to race bait and drive fear into Guyanese to hold on to power. They have simply chosen to target Ms Walton-Desir because she has unmasked them. The PPP/C by its conduct has demonstrated that they are unfit to govern a multi-ethnic, multi-cultural society.

Ganesh Mahipaul, M.P.

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