The Alpha Female (Part II)

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For some men, the alpha female is not marriage material. She is the woman they find fascinating, the high achiever that they are proud of, the woman who is prepared and not afraid to say what she wants, when and how she wants it. She is a home maker as much as she is a deal breaker. Nothing is wrong with the alpha female, except in the eyes of those who do not find her submissive enough.  It is so for those who see marriage as the defining glory of a woman for which she must be eternally grateful and submissive, lest she loses the “dignity” and “esteem” it accords her socially.

Society is still in that era where socialised roles depict what has been determined as feminine norms and established marital submissiveness. For men, the aged standard of masculinity and dominance still stand strong. Many are yet to appreciate the equality, understanding and support women seek to be their best selves without the trappings of male social bondage. For the alpha woman it is not merely being submissive but partnering with her mate in a mutually respectful relationship.  For the alpha female, the ability of each is respected. The power sharing in her relationship is not perceived as weakness of her mate but rather of his strength to be comfortable with her.

Women have come a far way in the evolution of their socialisation. The alpha woman is testimony of this.  Modern women are more liberated from their socialised role of submission and perceived limited potential to take up world leadership.  They have taken up roles as equal bread winners. Some are the main or only breadwinner. They manage households as single parents and raise fantastic children even in single parenting. They are leaders in the workplace, field, office, and factory.

The traditional male has not evolved to fully accept and in some circumstances, respect female dominance and even those who are easily attracted may, at times feel challenged merely by the strength she exudes in their orbit. If the alpha female is not careful, she can be perceived as emasculating her male when she is merely exuding her talents, contributing meaningfully to make a difference.


The alpha female is a fearless force to be reckoned with in any relationship and encounter. Unafraid to speak her mind she shatters the aged, but still wide-spread, stereotype that women should be coy, lest she be seen as brash or too forward.  The often mis-understood alpha female seeks equality of opportunity, the right to self-determination and dominance only over her own body. She wants her man not to feel challenged but to recognise he has a helpmate not just a mate. For some men it is just a mate, for others it is about a mate who is submissive to their alpha dominance.

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