I implore all Guyanese to get your vaccines and continue to take other precautions

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Dear Editor,

Government has recently announced that some 100,000 Guyanese have received at least one shot of the two-shot COVID-19 vaccines available in Guyana. That is good news. I commend those persons for taking the time from daily duties to get their vaccines, thereby protecting themselves and others from the deadly disease. I am concerned though, by the attitude of  those who either do not care enough about themselves and others to take time to be vaccinated, or, ignorantly believe that being vaccinated will somehow hurt their wellbeing. Frankly, I am of the view that neglecting or refusing to be vaccinated represents both an attitude of reckless irresponsibility, as well as an act of selfishness.

Editor, the vaccines being offered in Guyana have been repeatedly proven to be effective. While it is a fact that scientists are currently investigating a possible link between blood clots and COVID-19 vaccines, such a link has yet to be established. Further, it is my considered opinion that even if such a link were to be definitively demonstrated, I would still choose to be vaccinated. I say that because millions of persons have been vaccinated to date, yet, the number of persons reporting clots is so tiny as to be considered statistically negligible.

All things considered, the risk of not taking the vaccine outweigh any (unproven) drawback. It must be iterated that not being vaccinated leaves one completely exposed — from an immunological point of view — to the COVID-19 virus. Becoming ill or dying from the disease would not only be painful for the victim, but would also leave behind loved ones who would worry, grieve, lose a relative or friend, and have to find money for medical care or, God forbid, funeral expenses.


I therefore implore my fellow Guyanese to get your vaccines, and continue to take other precautions such as handwashing, distancing, and masking. I remind you that persons in many countries want to be vaccinated but cannot do so because vaccines are just not available. In Guyana, vaccines are free. Not being vaccinated is an act of selfishness; surely, we are not of that mindset? At least, I hope not.

Mark DaCosta

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