Viewpoint | Men are easily attracted to the Alpha Female

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“‘Women’ are not a uniform group. Some women like to read about politics. Some women like to read about superhero comics. Some women like to read about sports news. Some women like to read beauty tips. Some like to read all these things” (anonymous woman’s quote). We are unlimited in our abilities and interests.

Alpha females are strong, inspirational, fearless, opinionated independent thinkers; women who are leaders and enjoy the leadership role, who do not buckle easily under pressure. Alpha women turn challenges into opportunities; are ambitious, talented, highly motivated and self-confident. The concept of an alpha woman is still morphing as women become more and more independent in their various roles and how they are able to shape and relate to their womanhood.

The term alpha has both negative and positive connotations. It is generally used for men who portray certain characteristics that were originally associated in the early part of the 19th century with the male species of animals often moving in packs.  The alpha male led the pack and exercised control and dominance through sheer strength and prowess.

The alpha male ruled over all other males and eliminated others, even their offspring, from the pack at the first sign that they were becoming a threat to leadership. The alpha male had his pick of the females who appeared to naturally choose the alpha male. The alpha personality usually gets what they want, or to put it simply, alpha males are seen as possessing the capacity to take what they want. Some see the alpha male as one who uses bullying tactics and will similarly beat his opponent into subjugation.


The term alpha male subsequently became associated with dominant, aggressive male humans. Men who were strong athletes, had lots of sexual encounters and chasing after women. Alpha human males were handsome, attractive to the female sex, and could easily get what they wanted as other men struggled or watched with envy. The alpha human male is a man who is dominant.

The alpha female is not about sexual dominance and aggression.  The alpha female is not just about alpha traits to gain male attraction, sexual encounters and dominance. It is about female empowerment, unapologetic leadership, and assertion of strength. It is about the female being able to hold her own, occupy any space in society that she has an interest in, and being able to demonstrate strong leadership ability as a leader of both men and women.

The alpha female is not hindered by her femininity, but rather enhanced by it.   She is able to embrace characteristics originally seen more with her male counterparts whilst stepping out in high heels and lipstick.  She is not likely to sit quietly as men speak or to be intimidated in their presence. She commands their respect and admiration with her intelligence, quick wit and decision making.

The alpha woman is merely seen as a dominant personality through her ability to assert herself and influence others. She is a woman who knows what she wants and will work hard and engage in studies to achieve her goals. Men are easily attracted to the alpha female. In many ways she is like them, strong and capable of getting what she wants.

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