Accidents waiting to happen at Eccles Industrial 

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Dear Editor

Please permit me space in your newspaper to pen this letter.

At the Eccles Industrial site just before the entrance to the new Eccles Housing Scheme there is a serious accident waiting to happen. The owners at that junction that have their factories and workshops are utilising and encumbering on the reserves and roadway making poor visibility when traversing that area to enter or leave the housing scheme. Last time I checked the entire industrial site area is leased out to these companies, however the reserves and road way do not belong to them to do as they please and no one seems to be doing anything in regards to this. One company Hardeen Lumber Yard even parked his trucks and vehicles directly on the road corner making poor line of sight, another company decided to park their trucks directly in the center of the road where the GTT tower is located. I would like for the revenant authorities to look into this and address it. Hardeen Lumber Yard truck parked with no reflectors on the road corner

Area where GTT tower is located was cleared and now being used to park trucks.



Concerned Resident

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