‘I will not live paycheck to paycheck’  

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– EMT turning heads with new online boutique  

By Naomi Marshall 

Nikeisha Graham

Having multiple sources of income can lead to financial stability, which is the goal of Nikeisha Graham an Emergency Medical Technician (EMT) and the proprietor of Passion Petal’s Online Boutique.

The young woman who refuses to live paycheck to paycheck spends some of her days on the ambulance responding to 912 calls, and the other days at her home making 100 percent natural hair products.

Graham grew up in Wismar Linden with her mother, grandmother and four younger siblings. She attended the Wismar Hill Primary and the Mackenzie High School. After completing her secondary education, the Lindener was focused on becoming a social worker, her dream profession, and so she began studies at the University of Guyana.


After obtaining her Diploma in Social Work, Graham realized that even though she always wanted to become a social worker, it was not her calling, and as such, she took some time to do self-evaluation and figure out what she was really passionate about doing.

In 2016, Graham was presented with an opportunity to enter the medical field and become an Emergency Medical Technician. The ambitious woman definitely did not hesitate to take up the challenge. This marked the beginning of a journey Graham fell in love with.

Graham told Village Voice GY that being an Emergency Medical Technician is a job that she enjoys.

Neem hair butter made by Graham

However, the thought of having multiple streams of income is always comforting to Graham, as such, she is always looking for markets that she can tap into.

“My motive in life is to not live day to day depending solely on one stream of income because that is very stressful,” the entrepreneur expressed.

In realizing that more and more persons are embracing their naturally curly, coily or kinky hair, Graham started experimenting on products that will satisfy the natural hair community.

On January 15, 2021, she launched her natural hair care line, Nature’s Way which currently provides over 13 hair products for persons with curly, coily, and kinky hair types, that are all made by Graham herself.

Graham told this publication that Nature’s Way produces 100 percent organic products that were tested over a one-year period and are of good quality, affordable and effective.

Some of Graham’s bestselling products include the Chebe Hair Oil, Rosemary Hair Oil, Fenugreek Hair Oil, and the Neem Hair Oil.

According to Graham, the Neem Hair Oil treats head lice, frizzy hair and improves hair texture; while the Fenugreek Hair oil treats itchy scalp, hair loss, dandruff, premature greying, and hair thinning.

Shea butter curling cream, product from ‘Nature’s way’ hair line

Moreover, she called the Rosemary and Chebe Hair Oils, ‘the key to unlocking one’s full hair growth potential’ since it is formulated to moisturize and nourish hair, thus preventing breakage and hair loss.

Apart from making hair care products, the young woman also makes handmade jewelry such as anklets, bracelets, chains and earrings. She provides online shopping services as well and offers free delivery to persons in Linden and Georgetown.

Graham told Village Voice GY that in the future, she would like to become a wholesale supplier, supplying her products to supermarkets and even persons who would like to start a retail small business.

The entrepreneur would also like to meet to that level where she can become a mentor to persons that would like to develop their own small business.

To youths, Graham’s advice is to “follow your dreams”.

She stated, “Find whatever it is that you love and take the first step towards achieving it and everything else will fall into place and I think you should incorporate God into your plans”.

A few of Graham’s hair oils

She is also advising persons to get into entrepreneurship although they may have academic qualifications, in order to stop the culture of living pay check to pay check.

“Even though you may have academic qualification, at the end of the day you still need to have a backup plan, something you can fall back on that can give you a second income,” Graham added.

Persons interested in purchasing Graham’s products can contact her on 6688365 or inbox her business page, ‘Passion Petal’s Online Boutique’ on Facebook.

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