Ali regime waging diabolic campaign against black community and Coalition  

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Assault on black labour and capital  
The targeted assault on the black community by the Irfaan Ali/Bharrat Jagdeo regime must be publicly discussed in as much as some- including Africans placed in positions to promote the façade of inclusivity, and those fearful speaking out could cause denial of favours or economic opportunities- would prefer silence but I, Lincoln Brandon Lewis, shall speak. Silence is a grave travesty to my ancestors and those trade unionists who made it possible for me and whose broad shoulders I stand on.

In the eight months of this regime the black community has been going through assaults on every aspect of their lives. African workers are being targeted and hounded from the public sector. Workers employed at the Bauxite Company of Guyana Incorporated are being denied the right to justice, including severance pay owed them. Black workers have been locked-up without being charged. Others have later been charged for issues they were not initially arrested for.

In the business sector this regime has been moving with venom to reclaim and deny Africans lands they legitimately acquired. Morse Archer of Cevons Waste Management was publicly chastised, demonised and criminalised to return land to the state that he legitimately purchased from the state. They used the deception the land Archer purchased belonged to another state agency not the Lands and Survey Commission. What they failed to tell the public Archer paid $100 million for 1.2 acres of land on Mandela Avenue, which is the highest sum paid to date by anyone for the acquisition of state land.

Another target has been Bransford of Car Care who has been taken to court for the repossession of land leased from the state. He must not relent but fight back vigorously. Others have returned land, acquiescing in fear to the bullyism by the government. The regime has been making the charge that lands were acquired at knocked down prices, or illegally given to attract the anger of society as they move to reclaim these lands with support from a society misled by propaganda.


The regime has been using the bully pulpit to spread misinformation campaigns to let people be misguided and is using same to engage in their dastardly, demonising some and seeking to justify in the society’s eyes why those being targeted have to be mistreated. Their communication strategy is no different than what is seen in societies where genocide and wars take place. You destroy people by setting the stage to marginalise and oppress them. They are hoping enough feel people of African descent are no good and deserving to be mistreated. A similar campaign was utilised to justify the hundreds of extrajudicial murders during the Bharrat Jagdeo regime.

Assault on Broomes and Benn
Look at the story of former Minister Simona Broomes. The Ali regime went after her, harassed her, sullied her in the eyes of the international community where she is well known and was honoured.  The court has since dismissed the charge brought against her. But we need not forget this is not a matter of placing before the court credible charges but a strategy to demonise and denigrate as part of a process to marginalise and decimate the black community.

A few days ago, former head of the Lands and Survey Commission, Trevor Benn, was locked up and subsequently charged on an issue that the state has not lost any money nor has Benn financially benefitted. The regime did this after conditioning the society that Benn was involved in transactions that he financially benefitted from.  They put him in a dirty cell for nights, thinking they could break his spirit and with the intent of defaming him internationally.

Coalition’s response
The regime is waging a diabolic campaign against the A Partnership for National Unity +Alliance for Change coalition, particularly the black community. The coalition has not had a push back against the lies that have permeated and taken root in society. They have not had a spirited push back against the assaults.
The coalition is the premier opposition, a government in waiting,  and must go beyond talking about what others are doing or not doing to repel the assaults of this regime. They should be having a battery of lawyers to give advice and support to those who are being attacked by the regime. Let them give the society the needed support, stir the society up and motivate others to stand up against PPP/C atrocities.

For their five years in government, after 23 years of beating down by the PPP who marginalised forces they believed not friendly to them and weakened them, the coalition picked up the mantle and worked in isolation of others.  At least whereas the PPP did not work with groups they feel not friendly to them, they don’t work alone, and have created groups in society that will work with them. They created their own labour organisation and their own opposition. They are now moving assiduously to marginalise the premier opposition, who when in government operated alone and built no alliances. As a matter of fact, the coalition went further than the

PPP to scatter and destroy even those who were supporters of them.
This regime wants to bring Africans to their knees. They are hoping that this race kneels and crawls after making us out as pariah in society. They are going after the black community and any other they feel are supportive of Africans in any form or fashion. When they commit their dastardly acts they put black ministers to defend them.

It is probably coming to the conscience of their supporters what they are doing is wrong but these supporters cannot remain silent in the presence of the burgeoning assaults on the black community. We all must live in this land, bequeathed to us by our forebears, in peace and harmony. What affects one invariably affects all. The threat to justice against one is a threat to justice against all. Something must give in this society.

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