Woman, baby die shortly after giving birth at New Amsterdam Hospital

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Deceased: Vanessa Sahadeo

By Farah Bates

Family members of a thirty-one-year-old woman from East Berbice Corentyne are calling on the health authorities for a thorough probe into the death of the young woman which occurred at the New Amsterdam Public Hospital on Friday last.

Dead is thirty-one-year-old Vanessa Sahadeo, of Lot 19 third street, Williamsburg, Corentyne Berbice. The young mother of three was officially due to deliver on Thursday last; however, according to her mother, fifty-three-year-old Claris Cecil, the young woman began having pain since Monday last and was taken to the New Amsterdam Hospital where she was admitted. As such, she was told by doctors that her blood count and blood pressure were very low.

“She tell me that her belly hurting and that she passing sign so we take her Port Mourant hospital first and they say her pressure was low and she gatto be transferred to New Amsterdam hospital, so they rush her in the ambulance and they send a paper to buy the tablet from Poonai’s pharmacy to build up the blood. I buy the tablet and vitamalt and so and I send it to her, the distraught mother said.”


The woman noted that her daughter was in good health when she left home for the hospital on Monday last. She said during her daughter’s pregnancy everything was normal and she never developed any complications throughout her nine months.

According to Cecil, her daughter called her on Friday morning indicating to her that she will be going into labor shortly.

“She call me and tell me that they will take her into the labor room because she will get the baby normal, she don’t need any surgery. So, I talk to she for a good time and she cut off but then like I wasn’t please with how much I talk to she so I call she back and ask if the doctor around and she tell me no and we talk more.”
The tearful mother said on Friday afternoon she received a call from a nurse attached to the New Amsterdam Hospital who told her that her daughter’s baby had died.

“I left shock when I hear that so I ask her how the baby die and she tell me that how they try to take the baby out and her womb all come out one time and the baby dead. She say that my daughter need blood and they taking her Georgetown Hospital but they keep telling me that my daughter is okay and this time she bin done dead.”

Cecil said when they arrived at the New Amsterdam hospital, she saw her daughter laying on the stretcher motionless. However, she asked the nurse what happened to her daughter and she was told by the said doctor that Sahadeo Is not dead but she has to be transferred to Georgetown for emergency medical attention.
“They lie to me, they keep telling me my daughter is not dead and when I go and feel my daughter she body cold cold. I run to my husband and tell him Venie dead and he start crying. When we ask them who did the operation on my daughter nobody answering. One time they say the doctor not around and then them say the doctor deh upstairs. They tell my husband how they try their best but the baby fastened on she and that the baby nah mature fully.”

The grieving mother said even though they asked to see the baby, the nurses did not allow them to do so. Cecil noted that they were given multiple explanations as to what may have led to her daughter’s death.
“Another nurse tell my husband that the afterbirth come out before the baby but that cannot be true, baby gatto come first and then afterbirth does come out. When them done with that them tell we that the baby squeeze and how the baby get blue blue but this morning when my husband go back by the hospital he see the baby and the baby was not blue, the baby was fine and they said the baby was not fully mature but when we see the baby this morning everything was normal.”

Sahadeo had plans to celebrate her birth anniversary on March 08th together with her baby’s 9th-day anniversary since it would have been around the same time. Her mother told this publication that she had planned to do a big celebration with all her family but that wish did not materialize.

The young woman’s family is seeking justice and answers and at the same time hoping that an investigation into Sahadeo’s death is launched.

Meanwhile, Regional Director of Region Six, Dr. Vishalya Sharma said that a probe into the incident has already been launched within the Regional Health Services, as such she expressed sincere condolences to the woman’s family.

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