Second body recovered at #69 foreshore

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Baboni Harihar of Palmyra Village.

…search on for third victim

The second of three persons who went missing in the Corentyne River on Monday night was discovered dead along the #69 foreshore at approximately 08:15h Wednesday morning.

The body was positively identified as that of Baboni Harihar of Palmyra Village.
“My grandma gone now. I don’t know what to do now. She just wanted to come back home. I really thought we woulda find her alive, the a relative said in tears.”

Harihar’s body was found by fishermen who ventured to the sea shore Wednesday morning to ply their trade. The discovery was made just hours after the body of Alwin Joseph was found by his relatives on the #60 Village. However, contacts were made to the police who immediately removed the body from the area. They then made contact with the relatives who later identified the elderly woman as that of Baboni Harihar at a funeral parlor in Epson Village, Corentyne Berbice.

Family members of the first victim, Alwin Joseph said they are at a loss for words with the tragic death of the young man.


According to a relative, Yogeshwar Lakeraj, one of the five men who was a part of the search and rescue team that discovered Joseph’s body told this newscast that since yesterday they have been searching tirelessly for Alwin.

“We search yesterday and then we went back last night and so, then we go this morning and someone call and say they found a woman body but when we go and see it was my mommy cousin, Alwin.”
Lakeraj said the body was found lying face down on the shore with a camouflage vest and a short underpants. He also said that it wasn’t difficult for them to identify Alwin’s body.

“Well we know him and how he look so soon as we see the person we coulda tell that it was him. There wasn’t any marks or so on the body and we didn’t find any belongings for him.”

Meanwhile, Joseph’s cousin, Nandranie Shamsundar said that Alwin’s death came as a shock to the family.
She noted that Alwin was heading over to Guyana to visit another cousin who is very sickly and is said to be hospitalised. She said Alwin and the cousin shared a very close relationship with each other as the grew up together.

“All a we grow up and used to live in Betsy Ground Canje so all a we close and we live like brother and sister. He was coming to see he cousin who sick and now he end up and dead.”
She said that the cousin who is hospitalized was expecting to see Alwin on Tuesday morning given the fact that Alwin had informed him that he is coming to Guyana, but family members have not yet break the devastating news to the sickly man.
“He deh bad and he nah walk and so now so that’s why Alwin was coming. And this morning now he asking where Alwin deh because he not seeing him but nobody didn’t tell him anything yet.”

Shamsundar described Alwin as a friendly and humble young man.
“When he used to be in Guyana by me, he was very good. Majority of times he does do all the work and cook and so for me, he does help me a lot. He was a good good boy.”
The woman said even though they knew he was missing she wasn’t expecting to receive such devastating message this morning

“ I really nah expect this to happen because just when he join the boat 7:00 time he call me and say big Didi, I’m coming over now and since then me never to see him back after he call 7:30 and say he reach and when my son go, he not there.”

A search team consisting of family members left the #70 foreshore Wednesday afternoon to continue the search for forty-eight year old, Sherida Hussein whose body is yet to be found.
Her son, Joshua Samaroo remains very emotional as he is hoping to find his mother’s body to have some sort of closure.

On Monday night, the three, Sherida Hussein, Baboni Harihar and Alwin Joseph boarded a fishing boat in Suriname and left for Guyana. Shortly after, they contacted family members in Guyana that they arrived but were dropped off on a sandbank. By the time family members arrived at the location where they had reportedly disembarked, there was no sign of the three persons.

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