Don’t blame the citizens

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Dear editor,

Who are these folks? Which crevice have they crawled out from? What are they smoking?

Covid deaths are on the increase and the Minister of Health Dr. Frank Anthony decided to blame the populace. He apportioned their lax behaviour for the increase Covid numbers. So why not introduced penalties for such lax behaviour like the rest of the world does?

The fact is Dr. Frank Anthony is as incompetent as they come and his three sidekicks are no better. Indeed, PPP are the ones who prematurely reopened all ports, decrease curfew time, reopened non-essential services, reopened the airports, failed to enforce the wearing of face mask, failed to enforce rules on social gatherings and social distancing. Further,  they ended APNU+AFC policy of monitoring quarantining and self isolating people. And I can continue to highlight their incompetence but yet they chose to blame the innocent populace. This is such a joke, it is like if a three-year-old burns down the house and the father blames her. You are in the charge. Show leadership in sorting the problem and stop making excuses.
Then apparently the cough and cold specialist is expecting a special treat because he cancelled all flights from Brazil, THIS THURSDAY.  First and foremost, when Brazil identified the Covid variant it is very likely that it was in Brazil for months. Guyana borders are unmanned and are as porous as most of the brains in PPP but most shockingly after many weeks the good minister awoke from his somnolence to cancelled flights from Brazil. Who is this chap? No treat for you Mr. Minister, for those Brazil variants are already in Guyana months ago, so much so that they likely have Guyanese accents.


The fact is that the PPP cared less about Covid. Their interest was to satisfy Gerry Gouveia and his business conglomerates. Foolishly, like Trump they believed the virus will disappear. The virus is going nowhere apart from in the bodies of innocent Guyanese because of a money thirsty Government.

Read my column this week as this as I break down the Covid variant and why PPP is to be blamed so much so that I renamed them PPP-Covid variant


Dr.Mark Devonish MBBS MSc Med. Ed FRCP(Edin)  FRCP
Consultant Acute Medicine
Nottingham University Hospital

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